The War for Tech Talent 2011


The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 21 2011

The Best Technology Jobs Outside Tech Companies

Technology companies like Apple don't have a lock on tech jobs. Industries such as healthcare, mining and defense will also need software engineers and computer specialists.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 15 2011

How to Get the Tech Jobs of the Future

Many companies are turning to the cloud to store data, putting more functions on mobile devices and turning up the security on their IT systems. It takes a certain kind of engineer to succeed in these specialties.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 14 2011

American Dream Fades for H-1B Hopefuls

The H-1B application process has been known to eat up time, money, and patience. More foreign nationals aren't bothering with it, choosing instead to ply their trades back home.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 10 2011

Start-ups' Biggest Headache Is Lack of Talent

The biggest challenge for tech start-ups in 2011 isn't conceiving a revolutionary idea. It isn't even raising a million-dollar seed round. The biggest challenge is hiring a team.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 09 2011

Google's Schmidt His Toughest Competition

Google's Eric Schmidt spoke with AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the ninth annual D: All Things Digital Conference at the Terranea Resort near Los Angeles about the new platform wars, keeping information private and using technology for good and evil.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 07 2011

It's All in the Risk for Silicon Valley Job Seekers

Talented computer scientists have many options. They can earn six-figures at a big company like Facebook, take a risk and join a startup, or seek financing to create their own enterprise. Here's how two Silicon Valley engineers are handling the dilemma.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 06 2011

Tech Jobs Move East in Silicon Alley Reboot

New York has once again become a hot market for tech jobs as Google, Foursquare and a couple visionary professors catalyze a new community of Web talent.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 06 2011

How Google Finds New Recruits

Google's plans to hire more than 6,300 people this year is complicated by heightened competition for tech talent in the Valley. The search giant is pulling out all the stops to find top candidates.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 06 2011

How to Get a Job in Social Media

Before you start dreaming about the catered lunches and other job perks, it's important to understand how your technology background can fit into a company like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.Read more »

The War for Tech Talent 2011 Jun 03 2011

The Real Genius of Apple Retail

Walk into any Apple store and they're everywhere: blue-shirted staffers, each carrying around an iPad, followed by a flock of avid shoppers.Read more »

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