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Career Strategies Jul 14 2011

Getting Paid What You Want

Whether you're moving from one job to another or unemployed and looking for work, there are steps you can take to make sure you get the best possible salary offer.Read more »

Career Strategies Jun 15 2011

The Light on the Other Side of a Failed Startup

Each year, thousands of entrepreneurial minds pour their money and/or sweat equity into a product, service or even just an idea, only to see it fail. So now what?Read more »

Career Strategies Jun 13 2011

The Most Important Person to Impress During Your Interview

You straighten your tie and check your teeth for lettuce before the big interview with your potential boss, but there's another interview you should be prepared for -- that with the company's receptionist.Read more »

Career Strategies May 25 2011

Sorting Out Your Electronic CV

About a month ago, we published an article on called The Ten Worst Things to Put on Your Resume. Among the 200 or so comments it generated, about a quarter of them debated which was the right format that job applicants should use when submitting resumes.Read more »

Career Strategies May 09 2011

How to Get Noticed by Hiring Managers

If your resume and cover letter seem to be lost in the black hole of job applications, you're not alone. We gathered a few suggestions from staffing agents and career coaches on following up with non-responsive recruiters.Read more »

Career Strategies Apr 20 2011

Seven Critical Job Interview Questions

Job candidates who seem perfect for a position can ruin their chances by saying something senseless in an interview. Here's what not to say.Read more »

Career Strategies Mar 16 2011

Resume Mistakes That Will Sink Your Application

According to a 2010 Accountemps survey, 28% of executives say the resume is where most job seekers make mistakes in the application process. But what exactly constitutes a mistake?Read more »

Career Strategies Jan 27 2011

Be Nice to Clients, Customers and Peers -- They Make Good References

One of your first moves when considering a job change should be to review your professional network for people who can serve as references. Prospective employers are likely to ask you for three or four people who can endorse you as a professional.Read more »

Career Strategies Jan 06 2011

Ten Interview Mistakes -- And How to Avoid Them

When you go on a job interview, failing to impress the hiring manager with your eloquence may be the least of your worries. There are some things you might do that go way beyond flubbing a tough question.Read more »

Career Strategies Jan 04 2011

Coding the Perfect Developer Interview

Getting it right in an interview for a developer job takes more than just plain smarts. Emphasize your ability to innovate and work in a team.Read more »

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