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Career Advice Jan 06 2012

Five Tech Start-Ups to Work For in 2012

Not everyone can join a company founded by Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. So how can you tell which start-ups may be the best places to work? One way is to consider the technology, the executives involved or the source of the new firm's capital.

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Career Advice Dec 29 2011

How To Keep Your Tech Job in 2012

For many, the tech boom of 2011 was a big bummer. In the first three quarters of the year, at least 5,220 software and computer services workers lost their jobs. Here's a guide to help you keep your tech job in 2012.

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Career Advice Dec 27 2011

When to Go Above The Boss's Head

When you disagree with management's practices or the business's decisions, can you voice your dissent without killing your career? Reporting issues to the boss can be a slippery slope. You should consider multiple angles to decide which path you'll take: silence, speaking up, or exiting altogether.

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Career Advice Dec 27 2011

The Unsung Heroes of the Tech Boom

Behind every glamorous new software start-up are legions of folks who sell the company's products and services. Combining technical expertise and sharp people skills, sales engineers have become the unsung heroes of the latest tech boom.

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Career Advice Dec 22 2011

The Two-Hour Job Search

Unless you're unemployed, job-hunting eight hours per day is unrealistic. Luckily, two hours may be all you need.

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Career Advice Dec 20 2011

The Pitfalls of the Performance Review

It's that time of year again: Many workers and managers are preparing for the dreaded performance review. But a few companies are deciding not to do them.

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Career Advice Dec 16 2011

The Holidays Can Be the Perfect Time to Look for Work

Many job seekers take a break from the hunt over the holidays, but experts say the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's can be one of the most productive times to land work.

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Career Advice Dec 15 2011

How to Nail the Job by Following Up

How you follow up after a job interview is critical as following up in the first place. An October survey of 1,000 hiring professionals found that 81% said follow up should happen within two weeks.

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Career Advice Dec 14 2011

Google, Apple, the Cleveland Clinic Among Top Employers

Looking for a new gig? Sausalito, Calif.-based workplace culture website has released its annual list of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in 2012. Among companies that ranked in the top 50 were Facebook, Google, Apple and Intel, and finance firms Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Career Advice Dec 12 2011

The Ten Rules of Holiday Partying

As most people have figured out by now, the annual holiday party isn't an opportunity to get sloppy drunk and paw your favorite co-worker. Office parties can, however, become an opportunity to advance your career.

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