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Career Advice Apr 02 2012

How to Get the Most Out of Your IT Department

If only the different departments talked the same language, their relationship could be so much better

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Career Advice Mar 29 2012

H-P's Whitman Earns Employee Respect While Apple's Cook is No. 1

According to the first-ever ranking of the Top 25 CEOs from employer-reviews website, Meg Whitman's approval rating as chief executive is 80%, earning her the 24th spot on the list.Topping the list is Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook.

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Career Advice Mar 28 2012

How Google's Marissa Mayer Manages Burnout

Google's Marissa Mayer spoke last night at an event in Manhattan on why she figured Google would probably be a flop and why she doesn't believe in burnout.

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Career Advice Mar 21 2012

The Top Tech Billionaires

Mark Zuckerberg may be at the top of today's tech pyramid when it comes to prestige, but it's another Harvard drop-out and computer prodigy who reins supreme atop the list of tech billionaires.

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Career Advice Mar 21 2012

Reid Hoffman Shares the Secrets of His Success

LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman talks with FINS about his new career strategy book, "The Start-up of You." Getting ahead isn't like the old days when one company would take care of you for life, he says. Today, everyone has to think like the CEO of their own personal brand.

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Career Advice Mar 14 2012

Top Five Strategies for Kicking Off a Career

Getting the gears moving at the beginning of that first job hunt can be tough. Lindsey Pollak, author of "Getting From College to Career," talked to FINS about what new graduates can do to get a leg up.

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Career Advice Mar 14 2012

When Too Much Information Hurts a Job Interview

Thanks to the rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, dumb interview moves are taking on a new character. The urge to share everything about one's life with friends and strangers via cyberspace is invading the very private atmosphere of the recruiter's office.

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Career Advice Mar 09 2012

Six Top Tips on How to Get the CEO Job

It takes more than superior performance to cross the finish line nowadays, as corporate boards have increased their focus on management succession. At the same time, boards rarely divulge the additional requirements that executives must meet to land a senior spot.

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Career Advice Mar 07 2012

The Mobile Job Hunt

Corporate recruiters have been slow to adapt their online strategies for the mobile revolution.

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Career Advice Mar 02 2012

Networking at TED Yields Deals

The TED conference has evolved from an event where people share ideas into a place where technology industry deals get done, too.

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