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Career Advice Aug 28 2012

How to Spin Your Career Story and Get the Job

If you tell the tale of your career correctly, you'll emotionally connect with the interviewer and have a better chance to be remembered -- and get the job.

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Career Advice Aug 27 2012

Computer Programmers Learn Tough Lesson in Sharing

Some tech companies advocate "pair programming"—where two people share one desk and one computer. Proponents say it's a more efficient way of creating software, but for some engineers, it can feel like an endless bad date.

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Career Advice Aug 10 2012

Ten Ways to Lose Top Performers

It's one thing to have a bad boss. It's an entirely different story when your bad boss is just one of many at your firm. That could indicate a deeper cultural problem, suggesting management practices at your company could use an overhaul.

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Career Advice Jul 31 2012

The 25 Toughest Companies for Interviews

According to a new study from Sausalito, Calif.-based workplace culture website, a tough interview can entail anything from a series of formal tests to on-the-spot case analyses. Job seekers say tech companies conduct the toughest.

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Career Advice Jul 06 2012

A Googler's Recipe for Success

Farzad "Fuzzy" Khosrowshahi, 45 years old, never dreamed he'd work at Google. He fell into the search engine company after becoming a Subway sandwich franchisee, then helping J.P. Morgan sell CDOs, or collateralized debt obligations.

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Career Advice Jul 05 2012

The Google Way of Learning

Google is a $38 billion money machine and founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page want to keep it that way. A big part of accomplishing that is keeping alive its unique culture through GoogleEDU, its leadership and development program.

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Career Advice Jun 28 2012

How Veterans Can Prepare for Jobs After the Military

Like many of those who lost jobs in the recession, some veterans have been forced to take jobs that fall below their capabilities.To avoid that trap, experts say veterans and active service members need to start preparing themselves for life in the private sector as soon as possible.

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Career Advice Jun 28 2012

It's Easier to Fire Your Mom Than Your Dad

Being the boss who sends employees packing isn't ever easy, but lots of people in this economy are willing to fire folks--depending on who is on the firing line.

What Would You Do?

Answer the question and see how you match up with the rest of the FINS community.

You've just been offered your dream job, but... you have to fire your best friend on the first day.


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Career Advice Jun 25 2012

Creating the Next Facebook

The cutting edge of tech has moved to gamification, a new industry that incorporates elements of social networking, gaming, psychology and data analytics.The chance to get in on the ground floor is attracting hordes of game designers, salespeople, computer programmers and others.

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Career Advice Jun 21 2012

What Not to Ask Job Applicants in Interviews

Did you hear the one about the hiring manager who asked about her former lover? How about the woman who conducted the interview barefoot? FINS decided to turn the tables and asked job candidates about the stupidest things hiring managers asked.

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