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Former SAP Exec Joins H-P
Leo Apotheker has made another SAP hire. Martin Homlish will be joining Hewlett-Packard in the position of chief marketing officer.


Germany-based SAP AG is the world's largest seller of enterprise resource planning software, which helps large companies organize and run operations such as accounting, inventory and human resources. The giant firm also offers consulting, training and related services for its software customers across more than two dozen industries.

SAP has been looking to acquire smaller software application firms as it battles large rivals such as Oracle Corp. and Microsoft Corp. The company recently replaced its chief executive with two co-CEOs, who pledge to expand the company partly through acquisitions. SAP has since made an offer to acquire database software firm Sybase Inc.

SAP has locations in 50 countries. Its U.S. subsidiary, SAP America Inc., is headquartered in Newtown Square, Pa. SAP Labs U.S., part of the parent company’s research and development organization, is located in Palo Alto, Calif.


Perks for U.S. employees include child care, elder care, pet care, counseling services, legal and financial consultations and a Work/Life Solutions program. Like most large technology firms, SAP America also allows workers to purchase its own shares, known as American Depositary Receipts for foreign firms, at a discount price.

SAP has a multi-faceted career development program which includes an online career center and training and management programs.

Online social networking at SAP includes the SAP Community Network, which features a series of blogs, forums and a wiki. SAP Community Network also has Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube accounts.


SAP America's website highlights the requirements and skills needed for a range of careers from consulting to quality management. It wants its programmers to have in-depth knowledge of Java or C++ and emphasizes that those hired will be responsible for the entire development lifecycle of a product, not just isolated elements of it.

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