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Pressure Mounts on RIM CEOs
ISS Proxy Advisory Services became the second prominent proxy advisory firm to recommend that Research In Motion Ltd. shareholders support a resolution to split the chairman and chief executive positions.


Waterloo, Canada-based Research In Motion Ltd. is the largest maker of the mobile wireless devices known as smart phones, which let users perform a variety of tasks such as making voice calls, checking email, taking pictures, surfing the Internet or listening to music. The company, also known as RIM, pioneered mobile email service in 1999 when it launched the BlackBerry, still the most popular email-equipped smart phone among corporate users.

While RIM leads the U.S. smart-phone market, it's facing growing competition from Apple Inc.'s iPhone line and from handsets that use Google Inc.'s Android mobile operating system. These rival devices have touch-screen technology, speedy Web browsers and easy access to third-party applications -- all of which the BlackBerry lacks. RIM is launching two new competing devices expected to have greater appeal among consumers, the fastest growing segment of the smart-phone market.

RIM and Motorola Inc. recently settled a patent dispute over technology found in their smartphones. RIM agreed to pay royalties and a one-time payment in exchange for a halt to the litigation.


While Research in Motion is based in Canada, it is a global company with a U.S. subsidiary in Irving, Texas, and other U.S. offices in Georgia, Washington, Massachusetts, California, Illinois and Florida. All new employees receive a free BlackBerry, and the company's Healthy@RIM program offers on-site massage, ergonomic assessments and gym memberships.

RIM's corporate philanthropy program is focused on outreach to students in science, engineering and business programs. President and Co-Chief Executive Mike Lazaridis is heavily involved in philanthropy. He donated $100 million to the University of Waterloo to help establish an institute for quantum computing and $150 million to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

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  • RIM Finance LLC
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