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Oracle's Ellison Big Winner in Tech on Pay
Larry Ellison was the second highest-paid CEO last year, taking in $68.6 million in total compensation for the year ended last May 31. Options accounted for $61.9 million of that amount.


Oracle Corp. is the world's largest seller of software used to manage corporate computer databases. The Redwood City, Calif., company also offers business applications for data warehousing, customer relationship management and supply chain management.

Oracle has used acquisitions aggressively to expand into new markets, spending more than $20 billion during a five-year period to acquire large firms such as PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems, BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems. Most of these acquisitions were followed by layoffs at the new, combined company.

While Oracle was among a number of software giants that trailed Inc.'s move to an online, subscription-based system to deliver its software, it now offers its entire suite of products via the Internet.


Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison, a world-reknown yacht racer, has encouraged a hyper-competitive corporate culture, and Oracle employees are known for their aggressiveness.

The Club Room at the company's Silicon Valley campus is equipped with electronic gear including a 100-CD player and a large-screen television, where employees regularly gather to watch sporting events such as the World Cup and the NCAA basketball tournament's March Madness.


Oracle's main campus has convenient services including car maintenance and detailing, dry cleaning, photo development and shoe repair. Oracle provides an assortment of free beverages in every kitchen and even has designated rest areas. The company also offers a wide variety of commuter benefits, including the option to use pre-tax dollars to purchase public transportation tickets, a free shuttle to and from the CalTrain commuter train, and organized carpools and vanpools.

Subsidiaries & Divisions

  • Innobase BV
  • Tacit Software Inc.
  • PeopleSoft Inc.
  • Portal Software Inc.

  • Database
  • Middleware
  • Applications
  • Server and Storage Systems
  • Industry Solutions


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