Dolby Laboratories Inc.


Dolby Laboratories Inc. develops sound- processing and noise-reduction systems for use in audio and video equipment. The San Francisco-based company also has expanded into digital audio compression.

Dolby Labs gets nearly all its revenue by licensing its technology to other manufacturers. The company has 1,600 patents and more than 960 trademarks worldwide, and the Dolby Digital format equips movie screens around the globe.

Engineer and physicist Ray Dolby, who began his audio engineering career while still in high school, founded the company in 1965. The company's stock went public in 2005, but Dolby and his family still own most of its shares.

In 1997, Ray Dolby received the National Medal of Technology from President Bill Clinton.


Dolby Laboratories has a number of company perks for employees including: secured parking, company movies, Dolby equipment discounts, and time at the company ski cabin at discounted rates.

The company also has a unique work schedule: a flexible 9/80 program where employees work 80 hours over nine days, with every other Friday off.


Dolby Laboratories Inc. recruits for the following divisions: engineering, finance, project management, research, sales and marketing, and IT.

New recruits are encouraged to take part in an educational assistance program which offers in-house training classes.

The company prefers to hire candidates with at least three years of relevant job experience.

Facts & Resources

Employees:   1,100
Stock Quote   DLB
Company Site:
Career Site:   Careers


Subsidiaries & Divisions

  • Cinea Inc.
  • Via Licensing Corp.
  • BrightSide Technologies Inc.


  • DTS Inc.
  • Sony Corp.
  • SRS Labs Inc.

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