Morning Coffee Sep 19 2011

Tech's Forgotten Veterans

By joseph walker

It's worth remembering that even amid the tech industry's feverish hiring, many veteran IT workers are being laid off as they see their skills and expertise become antiquated. One New England man was told straight-out by his employer that the company would rather hire someone new than take the time and money to re-train him. After 25 years working in mainframe systems, he was without a job.

Some hiring managers say that they don't expect to find lots of candidates who are up-to-date with the latest programming languages like Python, the Boston Globe reports. What they look for, instead, are signs in the person's resume that they've tried to keep their skills current. Attending conferences and attaining education certificates signals that you're willing to get outside of your comfort zone and adapt to the changing times.

Pursuing continuing education courses and skills training are important, but often not enough. As difficult as it is for people in the middle or later stages of their career, taking unpaid volunteer work at cutting-edge companies is one way to stay ahead of the skills curve. Perusing and participating in open-source projects like those found on github is another. (Boston Globe)

We All Lose (Bloomberg)

The dearth of females employed in the technology sector is hurting U.S. competitiveness, Cisco senior vie president Kathy Hill said this weekend at a conference attended by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Software Start-up Hiring 60 (FINS)

High Street Partners plans to hire up to 60 new employees through 2012 after raising $6.3 million in new financing. The Maryland-based company has open positions in technology, sales, marketing and finance.

Obama Backed By Google (Bloomberg)

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt gave strong support for President Obama's jobs bill, which was introduced earlier this month. Schmidt is scheduled to defend Google against charges of anti-competitiveness in front of the U.S. Senate this month. Here's a primer on what's at stake.

No Sleep 'Till Berlin (NYT)

The Berlin start-up scene is on fire, and city officials are hoping that tech hiring can help alleviate its 13.3% unemployment rate.

Losing Money (Bloomberg)

The co-chairmen of Research In Motion have lost their billionaire status as their company's stock price has been halved this year. Imagine how all of RIM's non-executive employees feel.

Mea Culpa, Netflix Splits (Media Decoder)

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is very sorry for the price increase he foisted on his customers this summer, he wrote in an e-mail sent to subscribers this morning. The 60% increase cost him one million customers.

The Purple Titanic (San Jose Mercury News)

Yahoo-ers are fatigued and demoralized by their company's frequent re-organizations, the most recent being the clumsy firing of CEO Carol Bartz. Recruiters are jumping on the chance to skim worried workers and place them in new gigs.

The Facebook Economy (TechCrunch)

Facebook may employ just 2,000 people directly, but it's contributed 182,000 jobs to the economy as a whole, a new study says. Think of companies like Zynga that make video games for the social network platform.

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Clinton to the Rescue (UPI)

Former President Bill Clinton says that he will begin directing his non-profit, the Clinton Global Initiative, toward creating jobs. Green tech is one area he sees a lot of potential in.

And Then There Were Two (WSJ)

The viability of daily deals sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have been questioned by critics who say their business model is easily replicated. But it's not so easy to succeed in the virtual coupons space. Nearly one-third of daily deals clones have shut down.

Buzz around the Office

World Record for the Most Dogs Jumping Rope at the Same Time (YouTube)

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