Startup Gigs Jan 27 2012

Acquia to Hire 120 This Year, Hosting 25 Interns

By joseph walker

Burlington, Mass.-based Acquia will hire 120 new employees this year as it expands its content management support business. Founded in January of 2008, the company currently has 170 employees.

"Business is booming and we're hiring people as fast as we can find them," said Chief Executive Tom Erickson, 53 years old. The company added about 85 new employees in 2011, he said.

Acquia sells a commercial version of the free and open-source publishing system Drupal -- which powers many websites and applications -- and provides support for Drupal users. The company's customers include Twitter, which uses Drupal for its developer's blog, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

More than half of Acquia's headcount increase will be in technical hires. Engineers and developers with strong backgrounds in Web development, Drupal, Java and .Net are particularly in demand. The company is also seeking out so-called "DevOps" professionals, or those who can effectively manage and integrate engineering and infrastructure teams.

The company pays market rates, Erickson said, and equity is available to all new hires. Office perks include kegs of beer, ping pong and foosball tables.

The remainder of Acquia's new hires will be in sales, marketing and customer support. The company will soon be opening offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands. It opened a United Kingdom office last year.

The company will also host 25 college and high school interns this summer. Positions are still open and can pay as much as $25 an hour. Interns that make a good impression may even be offered a scholarship to help pay for their tuition. "It creates some sort of tie and loyalty," Erickson said. "There's no strings attached but, hey, we'd love to see you again and come on back."

Erickson said that he hasn't built the company with an exit strategy in mind, "but there's no reason to think this wont be a free standing, long-term successful company, which would imply an IPO is a goal."

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