Startup Gigs Jan 31 2012

Framehawk Hiring 25 in San Fran and NYC

By joseph walker

San Francisco's Framehawk, Inc. will hire up to 25 new employees after raising $11 million in December. The funding was led by Matrix Partners. Founded in 2008, the company currently has 38 employees.

Framehawk makes a mobile application development platform that it says allows companies to have apps with slick and sexy exteriors while retaining old and secure interiors. For example, "Microsoft Outlook is a stodgy old app," says Chief Executive Peter Badger. "We allow developers to put a really slick look on top of the interface so it looks like an iOS app." The platform also allows developers to make apps from scratch.

Two-thirds of the company's new hires will be in engineering, Badger says. The platform is written in C Sharp, C++ and Java and supports all major device platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Android and iOS developers are particularly in demand, says Badger. Engineering positions are available both in San Francisco and New York. New hires will also be made in sales, marketing, business development and operations.

Badger declined to discuss revenue, but said the company has "landed multiple seven-figure software licensing deals."

Framehawk's cash compensation is competitive with other Bay Area tech companies like Twitter and Facebook, Badger says. Equity is available to all new employees.

Beyond technical skills, the company looks for candidates with a passion for the changes that the smartphone and mobility revolutions are bringing to the world, Badger says.

"The world is going mobile, and we want people who are gadget freaks and using all the consumer services," he says.

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