Startup Gigs Dec 01 2011

NYC's Shapeways to Hire 30 to Make 3D Objects

By joseph walker

New York City start-up Shapeways will hire 30 new employees over the next year after raising $5.1 million in new funding from Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures. The 40-person company allows customers to build their own 3D designs of objects likes vases and manufacture them in materials ranging from ceramics to glass.

The company is hiring software engineers and quality engineers conversant in PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax and Javascript. It also has openings for engineers familiar with data modeling and open-source databases like MySQL. Experience with scaling e-commerce sites is also a plus, said Josh Levine, vice president of engineering.

The company currently uses the machines of others to make the objects its customers design. It wants to open a manufacturing facility in New York City by the second quarter of 2012, said Chief Operating Officer Marleen Vogelaar.

Shapeways wants candidates who are passionate about metallurgy and laser physics, Levine said, although that's not a prerequisite. "People aren't being hired for that expertise," he said, "but it can help because we need to innovate and build the factory of the future here."

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