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Steve Jobs' Legacy

By joseph walker

A Legend Passes On (WSJ)

He changed the world, and this morning much of the world mourns his passing.

Steve Jobs' death at the age of 56 on Wednesday did not come as a shock. The cause was complications of pancreatic cancer, a disease he battled privately even with intense media scrutiny. In August, he resigned from Apple, the company he co-founded in 1976, was fired from in 1985, and then led through the 2000s to become the most valuable technology company in the world.

He was a billionaire who disregarded money and the trappings of wealth. His charisma, showmanship and acute intellect touched consumers and the business world in a way that few others have.

"Steve Jobs was intensely passionate about making an important difference in the lives of his fellow humans while he was on this planet," said John Sculley, the former Apple CEO, in a statement to FINS. "He never was into money or measured his life through owning stuff."

A pioneer of the personal computer in the 1980s, Jobs remade consumer technology with a series of hit products over the last decade, from the iPod to the iPad. He melded art, technology and entertainment, and was heralded as the Leonardo da Vinci of his time. His exuberance and drive inspired a generation of young computer nerds to start their own businesses.

An adopted child, Jobs dropped out of Reed College after six months. But in 2005 he gave the commencement address at Stanford University. His message was, "You've got to find what you love." His final words that day were, "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

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Try, Try Again (Reuters)

Microsoft failed in its takeover bid of Yahoo in 2008, but it's reportedly making another go of it now that the company is considered ripe for acquisition. Apparently, there is debate within the company between those who think taking over Yahoo would help it destroy competitor AOL, and those who think it would be an exorbitant purchase of a dying company.

Hiring and Getting Hired (FINS)

Gilt Groupe Vice President and former DoubleClick executive Melanie Hughes talks about what she looks for in technical hires, and how growing companies should go about hiring. Hint: Go sky diving.

Super Connected (AllThingsDigital)

LinkedIn has started to spend some of the money it raised in its IPO on acquisitions. It purchased contact management start-up Connected for an undisclosed price. Presumably the purchase will help LinkedIn increase its status as the professional's virtual Rolodex.

Tech Bubble Returns to Earth (WSJ)

Until recently, it looked like Facebook might become a $100 billion company before it ever went public. Shares in the privately owned company grew 70% in just four months this year to $34 each, but since then the mania has leveled off. Last week, the share price on one secondary exchange had fallen 8% to $32.10.

The Best Steve Jobs Tributes Around the Web

The Man I Knew (AllThingsDigital)

Long-time Wall Street Journal reporter and columnist Walt Mossberg remembers his favorite interactions with Jobs over the years.

Apple Fans Flock to Pay Respects (WSJ)

From Apple's Cupertino, Calif. headquarters to the Tokyo Apple store, Apple fans have been bringing bouquets of flowers to honor Jobs.

Road Ahead (NYT)

The last time Jobs left Apple, the company fell into precipitous decline. It's been argued that this time around, Jobs' mark on the company can't be erased, but new CEO Tim Cook still has a delicate balancing act ahead.

Looking Back (WSJ)

It's hard to imagine reading this 1993 profile of Jobs that he would eventually make his triumphant return to Apple and become the world's most famous and respected technology CEO. Back then he was struggling to lead a different company, NeXT.

Regrets (thewirecutter)

When tech blog Gizmodo obtained a prototype of the iPhone 4 that was lost in a bar, it led to a police raid and a debate over whether bloggers should be afforded the same protections as other journalists. Here's a remembrance of Jobs from a blogger at the middle of the controversy.

Buzz Around the Office

Now You See It (Imgur)

Stare at the red dot. See the blue circle disappear. Whoa.

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