Morning Coffee Mar 05 2012

How Apps, Big Data and Wireless Creates Jobs

By joseph walker

The rise of smartphones and big data analytics could spark a new "tech-driven jobs boom," Bloomberg writes this morning.

There are now at least 500,000 mobile apps for Apple's iPhone, which is helping app makers from Baltimore to Seattle hire software developers and engineers. Jobs created from the so-called "app economy" now number 466,000 in the U.S. The industry was practically created by Apple, one research economist tells Bloomberg.

There's a supplementary benefit to the smartphone boom, too, that might surprise you. The fact that bosses and employees can stay in constant contact drives up productivity and allows businesses to re-invest the savings and create more jobs, an American Enterprise Institute economist says.

Big data -- the ability to gain business insights from vast troves of digital information -- makes companies who use it up to 5% more productive and profitable than those that don't, according to an academic study. That kind of return-on-investment will drive up hiring for data-savvy workers to the tune of 2 million.

While that won't necessarily help the under-skilled and unemployed, the advent of big data could lead to whole new industries being born that will require workers. What the microscope did for scientists, is what big data will do for statisticians and information analysts, says a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor. (Bloomberg)

Networking (FINS via WSJ)

The annual Technology Entertainment and Design conference, otherwise known as TED, is known for intellectually stimulating (if sometimes pretentious) speeches. But the California rendezvous is also a place for tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to make deals and make money.

Biting Back (

Apple has set up a web page to highlight a study that says it's created half a million jobs in the U.S., including engineering, manufacturing and transportation. The study, paid for by Apple, comes in response to a New York Times story that discussed the company's overseas manufacturing.

Founder's Exit (GigaOm)

Foursquare co-founder and Gap model Naveen Selvadurai is leaving the mobile check-in company for as-of-yet undecided new adventures. He'll remain a board member and adviser, he says.

Harken Back (WaPo)

Back when Abraham Lincoln was America's technologist-in-chief, the country was in the midst of tremendous innovation, change and bloodshed.

Leaving (AllThingsD)

Yahoo head of research Prabhakar Raghavan is leaving the company to join Google. Yahoo may be reducing its investment in research, which could be disheartening to employees who grumble that Yahoo is already too slow in converting research into products.

Inspiration (

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang has drawn inspiration from the life of Steve Jobs. Keqiang, expected to become the country's next premier, praised Jobs's melding of science, technology and art.

Good 'Ole Days (Bits)

Nick Bilton says the tech industry has lost some of its innocence. From Apple to Google to mobile start-ups, the desire to "win" has replaced the desire for "fun," he writes.

Win or Lose (Boston Globe)

The rise of cloud computing, storing data on remote rather than on-site servers, could create 20,000 jobs in Boston and 1.1 million jobs nationally by 2015, Microsoft says.

Buzz Around the Office

Young Drummer (YouTube)

Watch out Neil Peart, a one-year-old drummer shows his skills.

List of the Day: The Thank-You Note

When writing a thank-you note to your interviewers, it may be a better to send one by email than by snail mail.

1. You can never be sure the person got the physical letter.

2. It's a good way to stay in their inbox.

3. You can send it immediately.

(Source: Business Insider)

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