Morning Coffee Mar 22 2012

The Cynic's Guide to Getting A Pay Raise

By joseph walker

Some people believe the universe is just, workplaces are meritocracies and people get paid what they deserve. But, you, honey, have to stop being so naive.

Getting paid more money is less about what you actually do than ingratiating yourself with superiors at meetings and celebrating your work in a public, if unctuous, way. So writes a former programmer turned tech headhunter in the Register.

The first principle you need to learn on your way to buying a nicer car is "Continuous Visible Productivity." Forget about behind-the-scenes projects that make the company's IT systems work better and instead jump on tasks that your manager can easily trumpet to his boss as the reason for why the company pays so much for IT.

Don't worry about screw-ups, they're an opportunity to shine. "If the system goes down for 30 minutes, you're incompetent. Bring it back after five hours and you're a hero," is how one programmer puts it.

You've also got to upgrade your vocabulary. Trade the jargon of a database administrator for that of middle manager. Use words like "delivery," "savings," and "team" to signal that you're a go-getter whose business savvy would be sorely missed were you to quit and jump ship for a pay raise elsewhere. (The Register)

Getting Ahead (FINS)

LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman talks about how to get ahead in the brave new world of corporate life, how the PayPal Mafia has helped his career, and the perils of approaching big shots while networking.

Slow Start (Bloomberg)

Google is thinking about revamping its mobile payment system, called Google Wallet, after gaining little traction with consumers and seeing two key employees leave. Founding engineers Jonathan Wall and Marc Freed-Finnegan left Google this month to work on their own start-up.

Secret's Safe (FINS)

New York-based start-up Vaultive Inc. will hire at least 12 new employees this year after raising $10 million in venture capital financing. The 25-person company focuses on encrypting data for companies looking to move to cloud computing.

New Sheriff (BetaBeat)

Zynga will pay $210 million for New York mobile games start-up OMGPOP, which has 40 employees. The company's chief executive, Dan Porter, will become vice president of general management of Zynga New York.

Picking Up the Pieces (WFTV)

Brazilian jet maker Embraer plans to build a $24 million, 63,000 square-foot facility in Brevard County, Fla. The company is hiring 200 engineers and is looking to pick up dislocated employees from NASA.

Get a Job (Business Insider)

The number one job that M.B.A. grads should consider is database administrator according to U.S. News & World Report.

Bottom Line (Bits)

Hewlett-Packard's restructuring, which now includes the consolidation of sales, marketing and communications, is all about the stock price. "The intent behind all these changes is to remove complexity, make it easier to buy, easier to sell, easier to get things done," Chief Executive Meg Whitman says. "We have to deliver more to the bottom line."

Gone, Baby, Gone (Reuters)

Nokia is cutting 1,000 jobs at its Salo, Finland, cellphone manufacturing plant, the largest such facility in all of Western Europe.

Buzz Around the Office

Pendulum (YouTube)

An animated short from Japanese comedian Tekken.

List of the Day: The Right Way to Network

Think of strangers as friends you haven't met yet, not "contacts."

1. Your goal should be to make a new friend, not someone who can help you.

2. Keep your emails short and sweet.

3. Don't ask for money.

(Source: Financial Post)

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