Morning Coffee Apr 06 2012

IBM Chief's Gender Sparks Golf Flap

By joseph walker

IBM Chief Executive Virginia Rometty plans to attend the Masters Tournament, one of golf's most prestigious competitions, The Wall Street Journal reports. The move will likely fan controversy surrounding the four-day event.

Since 1934, golf's biggest names have come to the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia to compete for the tournament's prize: a green jacket. In all that time, women have never been admitted as members to the club.

The rule against female members puts two traditions at odds. The last four IBM chiefs have been offered membership, but the club also prides itself on its independence. Rometty's predecessor, Samuel Palmisano, debated whether joining the club was wise considering its no-women policy, but eventually joined. IBM is a major corporate sponsor of the event and is entitled to precious TV time to air its commercials.

Yesterday, both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney weighed in on the controversy, saying that women should be admitted as members. The Masters' dilemma comes at a time when the dearth of female technology executives is gaining more attention. It puts a spotlight on the fact that formalized discrimination against women is still prevalent within the broader society.

Rometty has yet to comment. (WSJ)

Honesty (The Jane Dough)

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg leaves work every day at 5:30 p.m., which she says everyone who has children should do. She did not say what time she gets to work.

Hiring (Detroit News)

Toyota plans to hire 150 engineers, researchers and scientists this year at its Ann Arbor, Mich. technical center. That number will increase to 250 by 2017.

Summer Plans (Press Release)

Industrial technology conglomerate Siemens is hiring 400 college-level interns for positions that include engineering, IT and operations.

Departure (Bloomberg)

German software giant SAP AG has lost its president of North America operations, Robert Courteau, who appears to have quit.

Penetrated (Cnet)

More than half of a million Macs have been infected with a malware virus that steals personal information. Until now Apple's computers were considered less of a target for hackers because of their relatively low market share.

Gone (AllThingsD)

After massive layoffs that gutted his division, Yahoo Chief Product Officer Blake Irving has resigned. Next week, the man responsible for those layoffs is holding an all-hands meeting with remaining employees to discuss specifics around the company's reorganization.

Exodus (WSJ)

Upheaval continues at Research In Motion as more executives leave. The latest are Alistair Mitchell, vice president of BlackBerry Messenger and Alan Brenner, senior vice president for the BlackBerry platform.

Myth (GigaOm)

Start-ups aren't just for young people. The experience of veteran technologists can help bring focus to a company.

Buzz Around the Office

Rear Window Timelapse (Vimeo)

A visual remix of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" by video producer Jeff Desom.

List of the Day: Interview Smarts

Avoid doing these things if you want to ace your interview.

1. Don't ask about salary or benefits straightaway.

2. Don't ask if there's a reason you wouldn't be hired.

3. Don't turn the weakness question into something positive.


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