Morning Coffee Jun 21 2011

Bad News Mounting for Major Handset Maker's Employees

By joseph walker

Research In Motion has begun to thin its herd, with as many as 200 of its employees receiving termination notices according to reports coming out of Waterloo, Ontario, where the company's headquarters are located. No word yet on what job functions have been cut. RIM did not immediately answer calls for comment from FINS.

Meanwhile, another marketing executive, Brian Wallace, has voluntarily left the company to join rival handset manufacturer Samsung. Wallace was RIM's vice president of digital marketing and media. It's unclear what his new role at Samsung will entail. His departure follows the resignation of the chief marketing officer and another vice president early this year.

As if the company could bear more bad news, RIM learned yesterday that a third-party app developer for its BlackBerry will cease working on the platform, focusing its energies instead on Android, iOS, and Windows. That's a discouraging sign, as there have been whispers among the developer community that BlackBerry will receive less and less of their attention.

Wall Street has voiced its discontent as RIM stock was down 22%. Only three years ago, the company was worth $80 billion; today it's only valued at $14.4 billion, an 82% decrease. Once again, there is speculation about the company being acquired or split up. (Globe and Mail)

One-Third of Employees Want to Quit (FINS)

A new study reports that one in three U.S. employees is seriously considering leaving their job, up from about a quarter in 2005.

Inside Tech (SF Chronicle)

The government's crackdown on insider trading has been largely confined to Wall Street, but now a technology consultant from Mountain View, Calif.-based Primary Global Research has been convicted of giving hedge funds secret knowledge of some Silicon Valley tech companies.

700 New Jobs In Utah (Salt Lake Tribune)

Tax incentives in Utah have prompted IM Flash Technologies to hire 200 new employees and EMC Corp. to hire 500 technologists in the state.

Executive Class Warfare (WaPo)

CEO compensation at the country's biggest companies has quadrupled since the 1970s, while pay for 90% of American workers has stalled.

Facebook Is Top Dog (USA Today)

Facebook is about to become the leader in display advertising, overtaking Yahoo. This could add a lot of value to the company's presumably forthcoming IPO -- and the value its employee stockholders can extract once they're allowed to sell.

Post-Dot-Com (Mashable)

The universe of domain names will be greatly expanded beyond the typical .com and .net. Here's how the news will change the Web.

No More Lulz (Sky News)

The alleged leader of LulzSec is a 19-year-old Briton, and he's been arrested by the authorities for his role in the group's attacks on the CIA and Sony.

Between Boeing and a Hard Place (WaPo)

The bitter fight between aerospace manufacturer Boeing and its main union has put President Obama in a tough spot since he has allies in both camps. The National Labor Relations Board, a government agency, is suing Boeing for allegedly retaliating against the union's West Coast labor strikes.

Buzz Around the Office

Honesty Sells (Imgur)

Birds have feathers, while "brids" have reduced prices.

List of the Day: Ways to Improve Your Resume

1. Get specific about your background and skills.

2. Include measurable results.

3. Focus on yourself, not your last company.

(Source: Glassdoor)

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