Morning Coffee May 26 2011

Silicon Valley's Invisible Giant

By joseph walker

VMware, the cloud computing and virtualization company, has leased an additional one million square feet of office space in Palo Alto, Calif., which will allow it to create 2,500 new jobs in the area.

Consumer sites like Google, Facebook and now LinkedIn get more attention, but VMware has quietly built an empire on the non-consumer-facing business of virtualization. The company, founded in 1998, is now a $40 billion concern. In the past four years, the company's staff has quadrupled from 2,500 to 10,000.

Like Google, the company was founded by engineers. After the renovation of its new campus, VMware could become Palo Alto's largest employer behind Stanford University and its hospitals. (San Jose Mercury News)

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Infosys Under Investigation (WSJ)

India's second biggest outsourcing firm, Infosys, is being investigated by U.S. authorities for using a temporary business visa to place workers in the U.S. long-term.

Dude, Where's My Equity? (NYT)

Ashton Kutcher made his name on TV as a beautiful dunce, but he's shown evidence of a deft hand as an angel investor in tech companies. He bought into Skype in 2009, a stake which paid off when the company was bought for $8.5 billion. Here's a profile of Kutcher and some of his other investments, like Foursquare and Flipboard.

IPO Disappointment (Bloomberg)

Not all tech IPOs are red meat for ravenous investors. Freescale Semiconductor raised only $783 million in its offering, 25% less than it expected.

CIO's Hot for Cloud Skills (ITWORLD)

IT job postings for cloud computing have risen 159% this year compared to last.

LinkedIn Eyes China (Reuters)

Google retreated from China last year, and Facebook is the latest Internet company to try its hand with the country's fickle bureaucracy and censorship rules. As a professionals site, LinkedIn is perhaps better positioned than others since it isn't typically used as a mode of self-expression.

Good Grief, Steve Ballmer! (Bloomberg)

Prominent hedge fund president David Einhorn says that Microsoft needs to get rid of its CEO Steve Ballmer, whom Einhorn compared to the hapless Charlie Brown and described as "stuck in the past."

Comcast Dips Toe in IPTV (WSJ)

Cable TV provider Comcast will begin testing ways to transmit TV through the Internet to its customers. The company will use the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a test lab.

AT&T High-Speed (WSJ)

AT&T will launch its new high-speed wireless network in select cities this summer. The company has lagged behind competitors in updating its network speeds, and has gained a reputation for spotty service.

H-P Executive Departures (WSJ)

At least 10 vice presidents have quit or been pushed out from H-P since CEO Leo Apotheker took over the company last November. Here's a round-up of the recently departed.

Buzz Around the Office

The World's Largest Domino Pyra-a-a-almost (YouTube)

It's like watching someone fall down a few stairs: Nobody got hurt, but we all had a few laughs.

List of the Day: What's Holding Your Sales Numbers Back

1. You're not talking to enough potential clients.

2. You're not talking to the right people within prospect organizations.

3. Your attitude: stay positive.

(Source: AllBusiness)

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