Tech Job Watch May 09 2011

Oracle's Ellison Big Winner in Tech on Pay

By finswire team

Tech is paying off, at least when it comes to compensation for chief executives.

The billionaire founder of Oracle Corp., Larry Ellison, once again ranked among the highest-paid chief executive officers in the U.S. last year, with total compensation valued at $68.6 million, according to a study of proxy statements conducted by consultancy Hay Group for The Wall Street Journal.

Ellison was No. 2 on the overall list, with Viacom chief Philippe P. Dauman ranking as highest paid with total comp of $84.3 million. Both execs benefited from stock option grants and one-time equity awards. Ellison's actual salary was $250,000 while Dauman earned a salary of $2.6 million.

Other tech execs among the top 40 include IBM's Samuel J. Palmisano, who came in 14th with total comp of $24.1 million, David M. Cote of Honeywell with $24 million at No. 15 and Cisco's John T. Chambers, with $18.9 million, who was No. 32 on the overall list.

United Technologies CEO Louis Chenevert earned $17.8 million, ranking him No. 39.

For the full list of all 350 companies and CEOs, please see The Wall Street Journal.

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