Morning Coffee May 05 2011

Intel's Revolutionary New Chip

By joseph walker

Who says nothing interesting happens in hardware?

Intel yesterday unveiled its new 3D transistors, calling it the biggest revolution in microprocessor making in the last 50 years. The technology will allow chips to process information faster while taking up less room and consuming less energy. Intel engineers have been working on the product for 10 years.

While the Santa Clara, Calif., chip maker reigns supreme in the desktop and laptop market, it has lagged far behind in the smartphone and tablet markets where companies use lower-power chips than Intel's. It's thought that the new technology will allow it to compete more effectively in the mobile device market.

The innovation in 3D transistors that is they replace traditional flat, two-dimensional designs with vertical fins enabling more transistors to fit in the same space. For a detailed breakdown of the technology, check out the report from CNet. (WSJ)

Letting Your Employer Brand You (FINS)

All employers value loyalty, but how far would you go to demonstrate your commitment to an employer?

What Would You Do?

Answer the question and see how you match up with the rest of the FINS community.

You've just been offered your dream job, but... you must get a tattoo of the company logo.

Sign ...or... Decline

Tech Giants Conspiring Against Workers (CNet)

A new lawsuit alleges that some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies, including Apple and Google, colluded to fix worker pay rates and agreed not to poach each other's staff. The suit says that tens of thousands could have been affected. Other companies named in the suit include Adobe, Intel and Pixar.

Cisco Plugs Dam (FINS via Dow Jones)

Cisco announced that it will streamline its operations to help the company become more nimble and facilitate faster decision making. It doesn't come a moment too soon, as top execs have been leaving the company in droves because of their frustrations with a management structure they find bureaucratic and slow.

Facebook in China (FT)

The IPO of Chinese social networking site Renren is giving new urgency to Facebook's entry into the world's most populous country. To be successful, Zuckerberg will have to learn from the mistakes of Google, namely by partnering with a Chinese company that can help Facebook navigate through the country's bureaucracy.

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Skype Targeted by Facebook and Google (Reuters)

There's a report that Facebook and Google are both in talks to acquire the online video and voice service Skype for as much as $4 billion. Google considered buying the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company when it was developing Google Voice, but decided against it. Maybe Google's involvement is a defensive measure against rival Facebook.

Tech Boom Spurs LinkedIn Growth (SF Chronicle)

Career networking site LinkedIn announced revenue of $101.9 million in the first quarter of this year, much of it coming from companies using the site to recruit employees.

Apple Rising (Techland)

Maybe it's still a good time to join Apple for its stock options. The company is currently worth about $320 billion, but its value could grow to as much as $3 trillion, one analyst says.

Gas Prices Drive Consumers to Internet (FT)

U.S. shoppers spent $13.8 billion online in April, nearly 20% more than a year earlier. The jump is attributed to the high cost of gasoline, which now averages $4 a gallon. But don't feel too sorry for yourself, in the UK a gallon of petrol costs $8.26.

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