Morning Coffee Apr 07 2011

Cisco Hiring Freeze

By joseph walker

The network hardware maker Cisco has implemented a freeze on all nonessential new hiring, and layoffs may reportedly be in the offing. The company did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation of the report.

Cisco CEO John Chambers says the company he's helmed since 1995 "needs more discipline," but is vague on how he will enforce it. The $40 billion company is management top-heavy and has made a series of unwise acquisitions, some analysts say. Shake-ups or sell-offs of its consumer-side businesses like Flip cameras could also be part of the solution to the company's 15% drop in consumer revenue. Cisco is based in San Jose, California and has over 70,000 employees.

UPDATE: In response to a FINS inquiry about the hiring freeze report, a Cisco spokeswoman said, "We don't have any comment as it's our policy not to comment on rumor or speculation."

(Forbes, WSJ)

Microsoft Tries Something New in Marketing (FINS)

Wasting little time after losing its veteran marketing chief Mitch Mathews, Microsoft announced the promotion of Chris Capossela to vice president of central marketing.

More Data Processing Engineers Needed (Bits)

Data processing speeds are increasing up to 40% a year, but we haven't even come close to maximizing how quickly computers can process information. More engineers are needed to create new algorithms that will accelerate speeds even faster.

Samsung to Rebound Because of Chips Growth (Reuters)

Even though its consumer products are getting stiff competition from Apple, Samsung's fortunes are expected to rebound because of its semiconductor chip unit, which commands a third of the smartphone and tablet memory chip market. Expect growth in semiconductor hiring.

Dell Hiring "Several Hundred" in Valley (Silicon Valley News)

Rumored Dell job openings have been confirmed. The company is opening a new R&D center in the Valley and will need to fill several hundred engineering and sales and marketing positions. The center will employ 1,500 people in all, including re-located employees. The company is also investing $1 billion in data centers and product development around the world, it announced today.

Tech Helping Manufacturing (Orange County Register)

High-tech companies added 500 semiconductor and electronics manufacturing jobs Orange County, Calif., in the first two months of 2011.

No Bubble in San Fran (WSJ)

Naysayers talking of a tech bubble misunderstand that this time around Internet companies have the customers to sustain their revenues.

Obama's Multifaceted Privacy Position (Cnet)

The Obama administration opposes Internet companies tracking your Web movement without your consent, but think it's okay for the government to search your email without a warrant. Go figure.

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