Morning Coffee Apr 07 2011

Reassessing Retail

By shareen pathak

The retail sector has been one of the brightest areas of job growth as the employment outlook brightens. But while the quantity of jobs is growing, the quality is dropping.

Actual career prospects in the retail sector have degenerated in recent years to the point that they can no longer be classified as "careers." The pay has gone down, the hours have gotten worse and the recession has made the field even more competitive. There is also a high turnover rate in the industry, unsurprisingly, so stores are spending more to recruit and train and skimping on pay and benefits.

If you still think retail is only for the under qualified teenagers, think again. In New York City, 78% of workers in retail are 25 years old or older and are often the sole providers for their families. (AP)

Sales Buzz

How to Get a Job at Groupon (FINS)

Inside tips on how to get a job at daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social.

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New Silicon Valley R&D Center Brings Jobs (ITBusinessEdge)

Dell is expanding to a new 240,000 square foot research and development space in Silicon Valley. Sales and marketing jobs will result, as the company positions itself to compete with the likes of H-P.

How Not to Do It (MSN)

Don't want to get hired? Respond to questions at a snail's pace and never follow up. These, and other tactics.

Marketing Buzz

New Marketing Head Honcho at Microsoft (FINS)

Big moves are taking place in marketing at Microsoft, as the void left by Mich Mathews' departure has been filled by Chris Capossela.

Sold! To Dish Network (Reuters)

Dish Network has won Blockbuster for $320 million. The satellite television company now gains ownership of more than 1,700 stores, broadening its marketing reach.

Buzz Around the Office

It's the End of Society (Consumerist)

A house is turned into a billboard. Folks, this is how bad the economy really is.

List of the Day: Why Larry Page Needs a COO

He needs serious help since Jonathan Rosenberg has quit. Here's why.

1. He lacks experience running a large company.

2. Talent is fleeing the company.

3. Google has a few tough years coming up as it is being hit by privacy and copyright suits.

(Source: BNet)

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