Tech Job Watch Apr 01 2011

Googlers Gush, Yahoos Whine, Ebay-ers Shrug

By joseph walker

Google, Apple and Intel got the most love from employees in a new survey from employer-ratings site while Dell and eBay got a shrug.

Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt, Apple's Steve Jobs and Intel's Paul Otellini all had approval ratings above 90%. At the bottom rungs were Microsoft's Steve Ballmer with only a 40% approval rating, along with eBay's John Donahoe (46%) and Michel Dell (48%) of the eponymous computer company.

The companies with the lowest approval ratings, based on a 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) scale, were Dell (2.8), eBay (2.9), and IBM and Oracle, tied at 3.

Compare that to Google's 3.8, and to Apple, Intel and Adobe's 3.6.

Yahoo's CEO, Carol Bartz, had the single biggest drop in her approval rating, with only 50% of respondents saying that they approved, a 27-point drop from last year. Yahoo's been struggling to reposition itself in the online world, and Bartz has taken a lot of heat for the slow pace of adjustment. Probably doesn't help that in just before Christmas last year, the company laid off over 500 employees, followed by another hundred or so layoffs after the new year.

Googlers had a much more jovial holiday season, with each of its 23,000 or so employees receiving a $1,000 cash bonus and a raise of at least 10%.

The annual Tech CEO Report Card survey released by is based on company and CEO satisfaction surveys filled out by employees on Glassdoor's site. A company must have at least 65 raters to be included in the rankings.

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