Morning Coffee Mar 17 2011

Amazon Under Fire

By john shinal

The legislative push in a growing number of states to force to start collecting sales taxes isn't wholly a grass roots movement, The Wall Street Journal reports. The online retailer's biggest bricks-and-mortar rivals, including Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot, are helping to bankroll a coalition called the Alliance for Main Street Fairness that is pushing states to level the playing field on retail taxes.

Some of the largest states, including Texas, California and Illinois, have already passed or are debating laws that have prompted Amazon to sever its relationships with sellers in those states. The legislative battle highlights the fact that for 15 years the Internet's growth has been fueled by friendly U.S. tax law, which requires only retailers with a physical presence in a state to charge sales taxes there.

As more offline retailers ramp up their online commerce to better compete with Amazon, the ecommerce pioneer may have to soon start spending less on technology and more on lobbying. (WSJ)

Ten Worst Things to Put on Your Resume (FINS Finance)

Expounding on your personal philosophy or detailing your duties as a teenage lifeguard are just some of the mistakes that can sink your employment chances even before an interview.

Going Big at Big Blue (FINS)

IBM vice president Lauren States has a full plate, being in charge of Big Blue's cloud computing and Smarter Planet initiatives. She stopped long enough to talk with us about mentors, gadgets and women in the tech industry.

Intel, Qualcomm Say No Quake Disruption (eWeek)

While some chip companies have said their production will be crimped by the March 11 Japanese earthquake, Intel and Qualcomm each said they expect no disruption to their businesses, thanks to their global supply chains and factories.

But Will It Pay Speeding Tickets? (VentureBeat)

Independent software developers will soon have another platform for their apps, as the CEO of electric-car maker Tesla Motors said the company's newest model will support "car-specific applications" and text-to-voice capabilities.

A Veteran CIO Talks Cloud Computing (CIO)

Frank Modruson, CIO of the outsourcing and consulting giant Accenture, is in the CIO Hall of Fame, so when he gives his take on the growing trend toward cloud computing, it's worth reading.

The $80 Billion CIO (AllThingsD)

Vivek Kundra has the largest IT budget of any man alive, at $80 billion. In this video, the CIO of the U.S. government tells where the feds are going to spend their tech dollars and how they plan to do it more efficiently than in the past.

The Sound of One Bubble Inflating (Bloomberg)

Groupon is reportedly in talks with investment bankers about a possible 2011 IPO that would value the company between $15 billion and $25 billion.

Oracle Execs Talk Up Java (InfoWorld)

While the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems are growing fast and capturing market share, Oracle is readying upgrades to the mobile version of Java that it says will keep the software a viable and distinct alternative for developers of tablet and smartphone apps.

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