Morning Coffee Mar 03 2011

The Other Apple News That's Great for Developers

By john shinal

While the biggest news from Apple yesterday was the return of Steve Jobs and the unveiling of the new iPad 2 features, another Apple fact may be of more interest to independent software developers.

Jobs said during his speech that the company has now paid out more than $2 billion to developers who've sold apps through its online store. The figure is impressive on its face, but even more so given that the number was only half that last July. In other words, while it took two years for developers to earn their first $1 billion from sales of iPhone and iPad apps, it took just eight months for them to pocket the next $1 billion.

That kind of market acceleration is likely to continue as long as Apple keeps selling more of the mobile devices. For app developers tempted by rival mobile platforms such as Google's Android, Jobs just provided a strong incentive to stick with Apple. (GigaOM)

Pandora Adds Execs (FINS)

Pandora Media, the Internet music service that's filed for an IPO, has added five new executives as it beefs up its sales organization.

Don't Sweat That Photo...Too Much (AllFacebook)

Job candidates worried about compromising details in their Facebook profiles may have less to worry about than they think, as employers are restricted from using many types of personal data in their hiring decisions, according to labor attorneys.

Anti-Poaching, Microsoft Style (AllThingsD)

Microsoft, which has used a lawsuit to block a former executive from starting work at rival, is considering a similar move against Facebook after the company poached Microsoft's former head of ad sales, Carolyn Everson.

More Pay for U.K. Guest Workers (ComputerWeekly)

The U.K. government has raised the minimum salary that must be paid to foreign guest workers, a change that will lead to higher pay for many IT workers there.

Top Clean Tech Companies (WSJ)

Want to work for a fast-growing company and help save the planet? Here's a list of the top young companies in the clean tech industry.

Health IT Growing Pains (InfoWeek)

A federal government mandate is spurring the health care industry to quickly upgrade their IT systems for a switch to digital record-keeping. The transformation will create tens of thousands of health IT jobs, but won't be without some headaches.

Malware Hits Android Marketplace (Wired)

Google pulled nearly two dozen applications from its Android app marketplace after they were found to be infecting users' Android phone with malicious code.

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