Morning Coffee Feb 03 2011

San Diego has 6,000 Tech Job Openings, Lots of Sunny Beaches

By john shinal

Tired of winter? Or your boss? If so, there's good news: Tech companies in San Diego have 6,000 job openings in software development and IT operations, and they're looking outside the metropolitan area to help fill them.

A local trade group of software firms is combining with a regional economic development group to launch a recruiting effort in other parts of California, concerned that San Diego's universities can't churn out enough engineers to meet local demand.

The campaign's backers hope to get the word out to tech job seekers about the shortage of engineering talent in a city with some of the best weather and beaches in the U.S. San Diego was one of just a few large U.S. cities that added tech jobs in 2009, during the recession.

Lots of sun and lots of opportunities. What's not to like? (San Diego Business Journal)

App Developers Rule (FINS)

Demand for tech workers is expected to rise this year, and no IT job category looks poised for more growth than mobile application development. As job listings for app developers soar, salaries are expected to follow suit.

Hacking for Cash Prizes (Computerworld)

Software security specialists will compete for $125,000 in prize money at a conference in Vancouver, B.C., next month as they try to exploit weaknesses in Internet browsing software made by Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla. Google will pay $20,000 to the first person who can hack its Chrome browser at the event.

New Cisco Security Cert (CRN)

Cisco Systems, whose networking gear runs the majority of corporate computer networks, initiated a new certification designed to bolster the ranks of security pros.

Reddit Hits a Billion Page Views (VentureBeat)

You know what's cool? A website with a billion monthly page views. That's how much traffic news aggregator Reddit, a unit of Conde Nast, said it got last month, leaving its once-mighty rival, Digg, further in the dust.

No Turnaround at AOL (Reuters)

AOL continues to struggle despite new CEO Tim Armstrong's plans to revamp the company. AOL said quarterly revenue fell 26% from a year earlier on weaker sales of online ads.

Six-Figure Tech Salaries (WSJ)

Tech workers in Silicon Valley remain the highest paid in the U.S., as a rise in pay last year put the average worker's IT salary at just under six figures.

NY Times Says Digital Ads Rise (paidContent)

The New York Times, a good bellwether for the online media business, reported a small drop in quarterly ad revenues as a 7% drop in print advertising offset an 11% rise in digital ad sales.

Mobile Phones Booming (Bloomberg)

The world's biggest mobile phone operator, the U.K.'s Vodafone Group, issued a bullish profit forecast for the year as consumers shell out more for data plans.

Cisco, EMC Team Up on Cloud (CRN)

The top makers of networking and storage gear, respectively, Cisco and EMC are teaming up with EMC-owned VMWare to create a new company so their reseller partners can offer packages of cloud computing hardware and software.

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