Tech Job Watch Jan 27 2011

EMC Plans to Continue Hiring in 2011 After Upping Headcount in 2010

By john shinal

EMC Corp., the No. 1 maker of data storage equipment, added 5,400 new staff to its headcount in 2010 and plans to continue growing in 2011. The company currently employs about 48,500 workers.

EMC has "north of 1,000 job openings" right now, as it usually does at any given time, with most of those for technology workers, said Jack Mollen, executive vice president for human resources.

Its hiring priorities for this year include software engineers, database architects and IT pros with knowledge of virtualization or security software, Mollen said.

EMC announced a 21% rise in revenue in 2010 in its annual report yesterday. The company this week forecast 2011 revenue will rise 15.3% to $19.6 billion.

To achieve that level of growth, "you know you have to have a substantial increase in headcount," said Mollen. He declined to say how many workers EMC planned to hire this year.

About 800 of the 5,400 employees the company added in 2010 came from the acquisition of Seattle-based Isilon Systems, Overland Park, Kan.-based Archer Technologies, San Mateo, Calif.-based Greenplum and Bus-Tech, based in Bedford, Mass.

The company's hiring for 2011 will being driven to a large degree by EMC corporate customers who want to begin using cloud computing services, Mollen said.

"Cloud computing is going to create massive change in the next five years," Mollen said. Jobs associated with the trend "will be among the fastest-growing tech jobs," he said. It wants its software engineers and database architects to have experience in cloud computing environments, Mollen said.

Security pros will be needed throughout the company.

"Security will be built into everything. It's not just RSA" (a security software maker EMC acquired in 2006), Mollen said.

And experience with virtualization software -- which lets businesses add server capacity without buying new machines -- is critical for jobs at VMWare, the leading seller of the technology, which is majority-owned by EMC.

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