Morning Coffee Nov 23 2010

H-P's New CEO Signals Software Push

By john shinal

New Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker will bring a different approach than his predecessor, based on his first public statement about strategic plans. And that could be good news for engineers and software developers who work for the hardware giant -- and those who want to.

Former CEO Mark Hurd laid off tens of thousands of workers, streamlined the company's product development and built strong relationships with H-P resellers, leaving his successor with a well-oiled profit machine.

Apotheker, on the other hand, used his conference call debut to announce that he planned to invest more in software research. The former executive of German software giant SAP can see the obvious -- that consumer devices such as mobile phones and electronic tablets are about to upend corporate IT systems.

Software that integrates old and new technologies and can manage more decentralized IT systems is the way to do it. For that task, Apotheker will need fresh-thinking engineers. (Computer Reseller News)

Most Promising Tech Jobs for 2011 (FINS)

Five of the most promising jobs for 2011 will belong to technology workers, with UI/UX designers expected to see the strongest salary gains in IT.

Sweetening the Deal (NetworkWorld)

Companies are increasing starting salaries and offering other incentives as competition for technology workers heats up. Here are the details on what they're offering.

Zynga Hiring Hundreds of Engineers (FINS)

The San Francisco-based maker of social games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars is adding technology workers as it adds new games and users.

Embracing Change (eWeek)

Hundreds of thousands of IT jobs will head offshore in the next few years, a new forecast says. But the migration will present opportunities for workers as they gain business and management skills and think globally.

Foursquare Checks in to SF (TechCrunch)

Foursquare, the New York-based startup that helps Internet users find friends and activities in their location, is expanding its office in San Francisco and hiring there.

7 Certifications That Matter (InfoWorld)

IT workers have a wide range of certifications to choose from, including proprietary ones from companies and vendor-neutral ones from professional organizations. Here are seven that matter.

Take a Survey, Win an iPad (Computerworld)

Technology workers who want to have their data included in Computerworld's annual salary survey for 2011 will have a chance to win a 16Gb iPad with WiFi.

Groupon Gets a Suitor (AllThingsD)

Google's workforce might be about to get much bigger in a hurry if the Internet search giant closes a deal to buy Groupon, the fast-growing online coupon service.

Microsoft's Kinect Uses Open Source (Computer Reseller News)

Microsoft, long the most vocal critic of open-source development, used open-source code in the software for its new Xbox game controller, making it easier to adapt the Kinect device for other uses by programmers.

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