Tech Job Watch Nov 01 2010

Microsoft Shopping for Salespeople With Technical Experience

By shareen pathak

Microsoft is on the lookout for salespeople with technical experience, so if you've had enough of programming for a while, and want to move into sales, MS may be your best bet.

According to Selling Power magazine's annual ranking of the largest sales forces in America, the company employs an estimated 36,000 salespeople in the U.S. It is an "exciting time" for Microsoft, according to a company spokesperson, with Internet Explorer 9 close to a finding and the recent launch of the much-hyped Windows Phone 7.

The company is looking for both new grads and experienced professionals, as long as they have technical competency and some practical sales experience. Certain roles, like account technology specialists, who act as technical advisors to develop relationships with businesses to sell Microsoft products, need at least five years of pre-sales and technology experience.

Those with college degrees in engineering, computer science and related fields are preferred.

The company provides interview tips and the insider view on what it's like to work at the company on JobsBlog, where you can ask questions about an interview or about the application process and get them answered by recruiters.

Microsoft also has a college training program for new hires without much experience, which provides mentorship and training.

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