Bull Bear Report Oct 14 2010

Making Bank: Wall Street's Most Generous Firms in 2010

By kyle stock

Wall Street firms are expected to fork out a record $144 billion to employees this year, according to a recent analysis by The Wall Street Journal. The distribution of that booty will depend largely on hot sectors, one-time events and whether a company has a retail bank with legions of low-level workers who don't see stratospheric paychecks. But, generally speaking, here's where finance foot-soldiers can expect the biggest bucks this year:

Firm: Compensation-per-employee

1. Blackstone Group: $3,461,321

2. Och-Ziff Capital Management: $1,035,901

3. Fortress Investment Group: $796,655

4. Gamco Investment Group: $583,481

5. Lazard Ltd.: $504,388


And here's where workers won't see sports-car salaries:

Firm: Compensation-per-employee

31. Ameritrade Holding Corp.: $117,552

32. Bank of America: $114,741

33. E*Trade Financial: $105,793

34. Waddell & Reed Financial: $92,752

35. Citigroup: $88,581

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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