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Gluster to Hire in Programming, Sales

By john shinal

Open source storage software provider Gluster will increase its staff by 50% over the next year, adding about 20 new people, chief executive Ben Golub said.

The positions will be split between the company's headquarters in the Silicon Valley town of Milpitas, Calif., and Gluster's offices in Bangalore, the center of India's burgeoning tech industry. Right now, about 60% of Gluster's 44 workers are based in India.

The company, which is taking on proprietary storage software giants such as NetApp, has a need for programmers, according to Golub. "We need great back-end programmers," he said.

Gluster sells to corporate customers and doesn't face consumers, so it's not looking for front-end Web designers or programmers. The startup wants to hire sales and marketing people "who understand the enterprise market but can do it in a Web 2.0 way," said Golub, who joined Gluster in May. That means using the resources of the Internet to facilitate product sales and support.

Previously, Golub was CEO of the contact-management software firm Plaxo, which was acquired by cable giant Comcast in July 2008 for a reported $150 million. Golub declined to confirm that number but said the reports of the deal "were not far off."

Golub, who stayed at Comcast for 18 months to help with the Plaxo integration, said he chose to come to Gluster because it's taking advantage of two powerful trends:

The amount of raw data is exploding, and enterprises need to find somewhere to store it;

Open source development is creating software capable of storing it for far less than the cost of buying a proprietary storage system.

Gluster released the first version of its storage software to the open source community in early 2007. The company raised a $4 million round in Dec. 2008. To find out more, go here.

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