FINSwire Jun 24 2010

Stand By Me, PwC

By finswire team

Some firms will stand behind you when you want to follow your dreams. Even if that dream includes playing for one of the worst performing teams in the Canadian Football League.

That's what PricewaterhouseCoopers is doing for Danny Brannagan, who will join the practice roster of the Toronto Argonauts Saturday to experience the life of a CFL quarterback. And when he's done developing his skills and living off the $500 a week the CFL is paying him, he can go join PwC, who has agreed to postpone his start date, reported the Toronto Sun.

The Argonauts ended the 2009 CFL season last in the Eastern division, with three wins and 15 losses.

Argonauts head coach Jim Barker is reportedly thrilled to have Brannagan. "It's a lot better than working for an accounting firm," said Barker.

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