Bull Bear Report Nov 25 2009

Benmosche Decides to Stay Put for the Time Being

By julie steinberg

AIG chief Robert Benmosche has embodied the perennial problem of dating over the past few weeks. Can he -- and will he -- finally commit?

To the delight of romantic comedy enthusiasts everywhere, it turns out that he can and will. He reaffirmed his intention to stay and, in response, the financial-services company moved ahead with a previously-announced compensation package. Benmosche will pocket $7 million in cash and stock, all because he mustered up the three little words everyone was dying to hear: "I won't leave."

And just in time for Thanksgiving! We're sure all of the AIG board's families will crowd around their turkey-day feast, thankful for Benmosche's decision -- until he gets into another fight with directors and government simultaneously. A Christmas saga, perhaps?

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