Morning Coffee Nov 15 2009

Progress in BofA CEO Search?

By julie steinberg

The search is still on for BofA's new leader, and things may have just become more complicated.

The bank sent out a feeler to William Demchak, senior vice chairman at PNC, who wasn't interested. A major reason? Ken Feinberg's required approval of the compensation package for the lucky person who takes over for Ken Lewis.

WSJ reports that "cash salaries paid to the highest-earning executives at the seven companies getting exceptional federal aid were capped at $500,000 for 2009." Without that restriction, more candidates would probably be game for the job.

Halloween may be long over, but Feinberg's specter could continue to haunt succession proceedings for a while. (WSJ)

Hedge Fund CV (FINS)
Trying to land a job at a hedge fund? Check out FINS's recommendations for a perfect hedge fund resume.

Hedgie Clones (The Deal)
And if you can't get a job at a hedge fund, try your luck at a hedge fund clone: synthetic funds that, like Splenda, are increasingly serving as substitutes for the real thing.

Pent Up IPO Demand (DealBook)
Dollar General's stock market debut on Friday cued the pent-up demand for initial public offerings. The total number has risen to 51 this year.

Buying Up (FT)
JPMorgan will take full control of Cazenove, the London brokerage, before the end of the year. Plush buyouts are expected as a result.

Banking on Lobbying (Forbes)
Jamie Dimon is trying to see if his star extends south to Washington. He's been courting top Senate finance dogs to shill for his version of regulatory reform.

Return of the Oligarchs (Bloomberg)
Economist John Kay calls investment bankers "politically powerful oligarchs" who are trying to tilt the chess game in their direction. Checkmate, finance industry?

Scandinavian Paradox (Wealth-Bulletin)
Norway is the second richest country in the world, but few private banks have set up offices there. Are they afraid of the sunless winters?

What is John Paulson up to? (24/7WallSt)
He's investing in Citigroup and pulling out of Goldman -- a contrarion move. Then again, it's Paulson, so that's probably exactly what we should have predicted.

Bite Your Tongue (NYT)
Gossiping about co-workers is never a good idea, but one company actually forbids it. Who knew you could ban office politics?

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