Bull Bear Report Oct 27 2009

Financial Firms Dominate Least-Trustworthy Companies List

By laura lorber

As if finance professionals need another reason to feel shaky about their jobs. The Web site 24/7 Wall Street unveiled its list: "The Twenty Companies Wall Street Can Trust the Least."

Surprise, surprise, Wall Street companies nabbed nine of the 20 spots. No wonder the markets are still so jittery; Wall Street can't even trust itself.

The ranking examined large public companies' transparency, corporate governance, financial reports and related factors. Here are the financial and finance-related companies that made the list:

-- Credit Suisse

-- General Electric Co.

-- NASDAQ OMX Group Inc.

-- PNC Financial Services

-- BNY Mellon

-- The Blackstone Group

-- Wells Fargo & Co.

-- Bank of America Corp.

-- The Western Union Co.

The Web site also compiled another list: "The Twenty Companies Wall Street Can Trust the Most." These three financial firms made the honor roll:

-- RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

-- Reinsurance Group of America

-- XL Capital Ltd.


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