Morning Coffee Jul 20 2009

Getting Your Resume Noticed

By kyle stock

We all know the drill. You fine-tooth comb your resume and cover letter for the 10th time, click "send" and wait...and wait...and wait.

Applying for jobs these days is easy -- maybe too easy. In the first half of the year, job applications surged 75%, according to a recent survey by Corporate Executive Board, a research firm. Not surprisingly, a lot of those queries aren't what a headhunter would call "a good fit."

So how does one stand out?

Kevin Hudson, a laid off IT finance director, said a little cyber-snooping can get your resume in the hands of the hiring manager, rather than the HR inbox. The extra effort will likely be noted.

Other coaches advise to do whatever you can to get your documents in the hands of somebody -- anybody -- at the company, even if it means begging for a contact on Facebook or cold-contacting someone on LinkedIn.

Reeling Regionals
Four more banks were shut down by the government Friday bringing the 2009 tally to 57. The latest names on the list are: BankFirst in South Dakota, First Piedmont Bank in Georgia and in California the Temecula Valley Bank and the Vineyard Bank. Collectively, they had $3.8 billion in assets. (FDIC)

Fannie to Fortress
Former Fannie May CEO Daniel Mudd is taking the reigns at Fortress Investment Group LLC, a private-equity giant. Mudd got the boot from Fannie last summer. Looks like he's getting his chance at a big turnaround. (WSJ)

Where are the Customers' Yachts?
The Economist says i-banks still favor employees over shareholders when it comes to doling out the spoils. Their reasoning is shaky, according to the magazine. (Economist)

Look Beyond Layoffs
In simply focusing on layoffs, many companies will be unprepared for the bounce. Smart shops are retaining their headhunters and keeping the pipeline full of candidates even when they aren't hiring. (Workforce)

Ten phrases that kill resumes: "Results oriented professional" etc. etc. (

Acing Assessments
A senior headhunter advises how to tackle high-level job exams. (WSJ)

Another Boutique?
Roger Jenkins, head of principal investments at Barclays Plc, is reportedly leaving the bank to open his own advisory firm. (Bloomberg)

In New York on Tuesday
Career coach Ruth Robbins addresses a topic familiar to all of us: "Toxic Bosses and Co-Workers: How to Make it Work." The session will be from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, fifth floor. (Contact: Diana Kypar)

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